Tres Agaves

To bring to life our new campaign line “Viva La Relaxation” we worked with our clients Tres Agaves to develop a programmatic video campaign featuring a group of our friends in Sayulita, NAY Mexico relaxing and enjoying delicious cocktails made with Tres Agaves 100% organic mixes and 100% de Agave Tequilas. This work was produced literally, “in-house” at Smith & Company, on a tight budget. Dustin from Smith & Company worked with our good friend Tyler Gourley to direct the films. Tyler was also our cinematographer, and photographed the outdoor and social media content.

In addition to video, we created outdoor boards that ran in selected markets.

Services: Creative Direction / Production / Film Direction / Editorial / Photography / Retouching / Design / Copywriting
Client: Tres Agaves


Art Director / Creative Director / Outdoor Enthusiast / Artist / Husband / Father / Human Being

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