Xbox One

For the launch of Xbox One, we created seamless digital campaign and landing experience that targeted gaming personas through rich media banners and trailer-style films. The films invited fans into the fold, and brought to life the “all-in-one” entertainment message of the platform which differentiated it from other consoles competing for market share. Case study below.

At the heart of the campaign, was a virtual tour of Xbox One in a living room of the viewer’s choosing.


Arriving on our Campaign Landing Experience, viewers were asked to choose their gaming persona. Once chosen, they could interact with the television and the Xbox moving through a virtual simulation.


Viewers could choose a “Fantasy Fan” persona, which opened a room decorated with fantasy elements, and showcasing Xbox One fantasy content within the television screen in the environment.



Viewers could also choose a Sports Fanatic persona…


Action Hero…


Elite Marksman…


Or Adrenaline Junkie…


Once the tour was complete, the viewer could experience the simulation again, or find a retailer and experience Xbox One in their own living room.


Services: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design / Production
Photographer: Dwight Eschliman
Agency: Razorfish
Client: Microsoft


Art Director / Creative Director / Outdoor Enthusiast / Artist / Husband / Father / Human Being

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