To launch Chevrolet’s latest line-up of family cars and SUV’s, the Malibu, Equinox and Traverse, we created an integrated campaign that pulled them together, not only in execution, but in attitude.

To go inside the vehicles and showcase their features, we created web films with macro lenses that flew through the interiors of the vehicles examining the craftsmanship in each and every detail. Each film featured new “terminology” that brought the key features of each model to life in a memorable way.

In print, we extended this new Chevy terminology.


Copy: Fancytastic (adjective): Class and elegance without the snobbery. Stylish lines and tech features. Joy sewn into every seat with thousands of fine stitches. A word spoken as you leave ordinary behind.


Copy: Fuelgettaboutit (noun): Pump amnesia onset by best-in-class highway fuel economy. 32 MBP why steadily estranging you from the gas station and all its trappings. A feeling of not having to refuel for up to 600 highway miles.


Copy: Legri-la (noun): A mystical harmonious valley where legs roam free. Interior space that results in a permanent state of happiness for its up to eight content inhabitants. Class-leading maximum cargo room, that up until now, was only found in fairy tales.


Copy: Microchic (noun): the tiniest of refinements that make up a stylish experience Precision craftsmanship from the first stitch to the thousandth stitch in every seat. Every itty bit and bob that creates an elegant automobile.


Copy: Uninterruptidrive (noun): Class-leading fuel economy that empowers one to stop when one wants to, not because one has to. 32 MPG highway enabling up to 600 miles of driving on a single tank of gas.


Copy: Vastpacity (noun): The great wide-open of interiors. Seating for eight people and their belongings. More maximum cargo room than any other vehicle in its class while still offering loads of legroom. Big enough for whatever the day holds.


We created outdoor boards to broaden reach and put the cars in a real-world environment, where they belong.




We created “Digital Utility Pages” that not only tauted the features of the vehicles, but were useful tools for maximizing the seating capacity of the Traverse, the style of the Malibu, and fuel capacity of the Equinox.


Our campaign photography was showcased on to bring the quality of the vehicles to life.






Services: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design
Photographer: Tyler Gourley
Director: Lance Accord
Agency: Goodby Silverstein and Partners
Client: Chevrolet



Art Director / Creative Director / Outdoor Enthusiast / Artist / Husband / Father / Human Being

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