The main feature of the HTC One M8 was it’s “Boom Sound”, which boasted a more balanced amplifier, dual front-facing speakers and proprietary software to deliver the loudest, clearest audio of any smartphone available. But, what really mattered to audiophiles is how the HTC One M8 clearly wins against background noise in an everyday environment. So we created a series of decibel demonstrations pitting the volume of the M8 with sounds that attempt disrupt the listening experience.

We shot over a dozen “tests”, and worked with Roger Lima at White Noise Lab, to create custom audio compositions to go with the subject matter of each one. The resulting videos were used in social and within an interactive digital experience on


Of course, sometimes the M8 didn’t win. And we had to show a few of those because that’s reality. And because they’re funny.

Within the digital experience, users could select from a ferris wheel of sounds and then share them via social channels along with fun audio facts.htc_experience_laptop

The launch of the M8 signaled a return to profits for HTC, who made $75.5 million in Q2, much off the back of 8 sales. Sales of the HTC One were up 80% from the previous year, clearly outperforming last year’s model.

BoomSound was heralded as “one of the best reasons to own the device” by Phandroid.

Services: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Copy / Design / Film Direction
Agency: Razorfish / Publicis USA
Client: HTC






Art Director / Creative Director / Outdoor Enthusiast / Artist / Husband / Father / Human Being

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